Tension-compression strut

Tension-compression struts are stressed by very high inertial accelerations and decelerations, respectively.

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Robot arm

The goal of the development was the reduction of the component weight and the increase of the resistance for real crash cases.

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Machine part for a loom

The aim was a 50 % weight reduction compared to the original metal component while retaining the mechanical properties.

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Torsion disc

Production of a torsion-loaded light-weight disc with high temperature resistance.

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Mechanical Engineering

Especially with translational and rotatory high-accelerating and delaying component movements, increased efficiency of the machines lead to demands for lightweight construction. Due to their very good mechanical characteristics with low specific density, high efficiency fiber compound materials fulfill such demands for lightweight construction.

Hightex reinforcement structures fulfill such demands especially well because of their stress-adjusted reinforcement structures and their respective produced fiber compound components.