Compared to Prepreg cheaper production of I-beams. Furthermore better total quality management and higher reproducibility in component properties.

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Robot arm for the lightweight robot LBR III

To reach an outstanding ratio of payload and total mass the mass of the robot arm has to be minimized during the required stiffness of the structure is guaranteed.

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Housing of a digital aerial camera

The weight of the housing of the digital aerial camera has to be minimized and the high load requirements have to be fulfilled.

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Stator vane

The reduction of component weight in comparison to metal vanes and the raise of reproducibility to other textile techniques. At the same time it is the goal to reduce the cost of a component.

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In aviation the demand is especially high for high component stiffness with low component mass. To reach this, the reinforcement structure has to be inlaid in a manner that the reinforcement fibers are equally strained, and thus, no unnecessary fibers exist in the component.

Hightex reinforcement structures fulfill such demands especially well because of their stress-adjusted reinforcement structures and their respective produced fiber compound components.